Scavenger Hunt Writeups – ChillZone, June 2019

Hey, I decided to start a series of post. I call this series “Scavenger Hunt Writeups”. I do this because I’m bored and I like scavenger hunts. This includes those mini-ARG that hosted by some random Discord server. I will do this in a relaxing tone, not as technical as when someone found a critical zero-day exploit. This is the first post, hope you like it.

This scavenger hunt is hosted by ChillZone (, a populated server which I’ve never talked to. As a popular server, they like events, this is one of them. This one is quite easy, surprisingly. So, let’s get into it.

Stage 1

This one is easy. I just copied the ID of the owner from the announcement channel.


The answer is 170624640308346880. (.170624640308346880)

Stage 2


This one is also easy. Just google “pi” and you get your answer. The first “3” is also counted, by the way.

The answer is 3.141592653. (3.141592653)

Stage 3


This one is also easy. The numbers are the squared value of the index. So, the first number (n = 1) is 12 = 1, the second number (n = 2) is 22 = 4, the third number (n = 3) is 32 = 9, and so on. So, for the n-th number, the value is n2.

For some reason, the creator of this stage has a different approach.

“The difference between 1 and 4 is 3, the difference between 4 and 9 is 5, the difference between 9 and 16 is 7. The number increases by 2 and is added onto the last number.”

But, anyway. We got the same answer. The sixth number is 62 = 36, so the answer is 36. (.36)

Stage 4


So, it refers to a channel on the Discord server about talking good. The channel that it refers to is “#compliment-above”. In the topic channel, you can get the answer.


So, the answer is friend. (.friend)

Stage 5


In this one, there are multiple polygons. But, you can see that the green polygon always inside the red polygon and the red polygon is always inside the blue polygon. So, the order of the color is green, red, and blue.

There are letters scattered on the polygons. The letters can be categorized by the colors. Reading the letters from left to right and top to bottom results in this.

Green: CODE
Red: IS
Blue: 359

As you can see, it reads “CODE IS 359”. So, the answer is 359. (.359)

Stage 6


This is a trivia question. But, searching the messages on the ChillZone server yields this message.


Then, his Discord username is zam#6918


So, the answer is zam. (.zam)

Stage 7


Here’s the word grid in text.


Using an external tool (because I’m lazy), we can find some words.


The most likely words that are used is “don’t”, “here”, and “talk”. By putting these words in order to form a sentence, the answer can be found. It is don’t talk here. (.donttalkhere)

Stage 8


Here’s the YouTube link.

This one is easy. The video only contains an audio track. The audio is played backward. Play the audio backward and you can hear “ModSloth likes cheese”. So, the answer is ModSloth likes cheese. (.modslothlikescheese)

Stage 9


This trivia question is easy. I just searched the script portion and Google tells me the movie.


The search results refer to The Thing, a sci-fi movie from 1982. So, the answer is The Thing (.thething)

Stage 10


This one is actually easy, although I actually overlooked the question.

There is a confession channel where we can submit our confessions anonymously. So, the question told us to find his confession. I actually skimmed the whole channel to find the answer. Also, I got a clue that the answer has 4 words, but it turns out that the answer has 4 characters.


Anyway, after skimming probably hundreds of confession, I found the answer. The answer is eggs. (.eggs)

Stage 11


Same as the tenth stage, I just googled the lyrics of the song.


The answer is Lazarus. (.lazarus)

Stage 12


Alright, this is the hardest question among all the stages on the scavenger hunt. Even the final stage is easier than this one. Lots of people cheated, though, but I figured it out by myself.

The picture actually resembles the seven segment display that you see in clocks or such. To solve it, just invert the segments, so the active segment becomes inactive and vice versa.



So, the answer is 503 (.503). The clue confirms the answer since the third letter of the alphabet is C.

Final Stage


The final stage! So, we need to find a question to solve this stage. On my way to this stage, I also looked at the channel topics and surely it hides something. There are spoilers that contain words. Those words can be arranged into a question.













So, the question is “How many self-assignable roles do we have currently on the server?” As of the time of writing, there are 64 unique self-assignable roles spread into 3 categories.

Halloween Orange
Sunshine Yellow
Lime Green
Neon Green
Tree Green
Starbucks Green
Blizzard Blue
Discord Color
Light Blue
Sky Blue
Picasso Blue
Dark Blue
Bubble Gum
Unknown Color
Tinted Lavender
Bright Purple
Dark Purple
Dark Grey
Giveaway Reminders

So, the answer is 64. (.64)

Cracking the mystery of Minecraft HD Heads, alone

So, my friend has successfully invented the so-called Minecraft HD Heads. It’s just a simple Minecraft head, but the quality is upscaled, that it’s not like “pixelated” anymore. He tells that he could give the steps to do to get it, but I want to try to do it by myself, without any help. I want this as a challenge, something to fill my boredom.

Actually, I don’t want to reverse-engineer the head, but because of difficulties, I need to.


So, here’s what do we know.

1. You need OptiFine to make it work.
It must something to do with the HD textures compatibility. Since you don’t need to install anything to use an HD Texture (like BDCraft)

2. It also uses the same skin format.
It uses the 64×64 size for the skin, but there must be some workarounds.

3. You can make any size of your head.
My friend tells me that he want’s to try a bigger image, so let’s assume that you could make it in any size, at least in an exponential. (64×64, 128×128, 256×256, and so on)

My hypothesis is you need to upscale the default skin and you can edit it with Paint.NET or whatever (Not Microsoft Paint. It doesn’t support transparency), but my friend told me that it won’t work, but I’ll just try it anyway.

One thing to note that in a Phoenix SC live stream, he successfully do a Shrek head on a Giant by just upscale the Zombie skin and then place the Shrek at the head. He also does a bowling pin and a text on the shirt.

First part: The head

So, let’s try to see how OptiFine HD texture works. Well, you just make your texture in any size, and OptiFine will do its job. Well, it is simple, really. Let’s try it.

Here, I have a Twitter logo that I put at the head. I upscaled the texture from 64×64 to 1024×1024.


Then, I put it on my resource pack, and, as I expected, it works.


So, this part is simple, you upscale the skin, put the image, and then voila.

Second part: Make it online and set the head

This is hard to figure this part out.

At first, I thought that the skin is outside the domain. So, I tried to upload on and try a skin on Planet Minecraft. That didn’t work.

Then, I use the Minecraft uploader to upload my skin, and then do some things to complete the whole process. That didn’t work, even I use that technique where you could use a skin from another website using the skin’s URL.

After lots of despair, I finally looked at the HD Head, and I found the way. It actually uses the Minecraft: Education Edition website, that is under the domain.


After some clicky-clicks in here and there, I finally get the skin there and use it for the skin, and changed the URL into mine.


On NBTExplorer, I changed the texture using the base64 that’s generated, and then changed the UUID into something else.


Okay, testing time. Ah, it works! Finally! Oh yeah, I uploaded the bigger version.


Final Words

So, that’s how I crack the mystery of the Minecraft HD Heads. It is possible and fairly easy. The matter that makes my finding hard that the workaround that my friend use that is under his sleeves. Anyway, that’s for this post and goodbye.

Google Assistant’s The Riddle Doors Answers

Here’s a filler content, if you know what I mean.

If you ask Google Assistant to tell a riddle, you will be playing the game called “The Riddle Doors”. The game consist of 12 riddles, each having it’s own storyboard. After the game ends, the game will loop. If you exit in the middle of the game, your progress will be saved.

Here are the question that are asked.

Q: Welcome you in or keep you away, I could really swing either way. What am I?
A: A door.

Q: If you have one, you don’t share it. If you share it, you don’t have it. What is it?
A: A secret.

Q: What comes down but never goes up?
A: A rain.

Q: What can run, but never walks, has a mouth, but never talks, has a head, but never weeps, and has a bed, but never sleeps?
A: A river.

Q: What do you throw out when you want to use it and take in when you don’t?
A: An anchor.

Q: What always leaves, always stays, and when the wind is blowing it sometimes sways?
A: A tree.

Q: The more there is of me, the less you see. What am I?
A: The darkness.

Q: What lives in the winter, dies in the heat, and comes to a point where it drips on the street?
A: An icicle.

Q: What can be caught but not thrown, even when a nose is blown?
A: A cold.

Q: What is easy to get into, but hard to get out of?
A: A trouble.

Q: What has hands and lots of rings, but can’t clap?
A: An alarm clock.

Q: What’s always lumpy and wet, but gets sharper the more you use it?
A: A brain.

How I accidentally become famous on a Minecraft server

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since my last post. Let me tell you my story of how I accidentally become famous on a Minecraft server.

I was famous on a cracked server called Cosmic Craft, more exact, it’s creative part. It was a free server that still gets 5000 players daily, most of them are from South East Asia, more precisely, from the Philippines. On that day, I don’t have a premium and I bought a donator rank on there for $3.50.

One day, I saw an item that has a lot of enchantments. It was a famous item at the time. It was special that nobody can create such one. Wurst, a hacking client for Minecraft, is also famous because you could rename items with a colored name.

After that, I discovered a command on Wurst that could replicate the command “/give” in creative, even you don’t have access on that command. I tried to play with it to create items with enchantments and such, and it works. So, I put my item on my plot, advertised it, and everybody went on it. Everybody also asked me how do I do it, so I created a guidebook about it.

After that, I thought myself to make a museum of my items that I created, and then I decided to make a gallery, where I put all my items on there. After that, my popularity rose, a lot of players know me and even some of them donated in-game money, the donations are so much that I got the Balance Top.

So, that’s it. That’s how I got famous on a Minecraft server. Maybe next time I will write something other than this.

Let’s talk about Minecraft

Ah, Minecraft. Where all kids do unleash their creativity in a shape of pixelated blocks. Well, I played it too, even I’m not a child anymore. I do building sometimes, mainly redstone because I don’t have a talent for building such a large structure. Other times, I play on some online servers, mainly Hypixel or HiveMC. I prefer the ones that don’t involve PvP because I can’t fight and my internet is bad (how sad, isn’t it?). Sometimes I go to some website for a new server to discover, but I mainly stick to that servers.

So, in this post, I want to talk about it, I don’t know if somebody would read this long page of my post, but, well. Who cares? Let’s get started.


So, as I explained there, Minecraft is a game where you can put blocks to build something, or even survive in a virtual world. We kill animals for food, we chop woods for tools, we build for our houses, or even switch to creative to build a castle or even a replica of something big.

We have seen a lot of people played the Minecraft. Time goes by, Mojang bought by Microsoft, Notch quit the developer team, Minecraft has a sale over 100 million. That’s a lot, isn’t it? With more kids bought the game, and YouTube, this thing is growing so fast, right?

Not only the sales but also the inside is growing. Just look at Google, you could see lots of user-generated contents. From the servers, maps, skins, or even mods. I bet we have seen that things (or the word Minecraft) once in our lives, from YouTube to just a news source.

As long as a thing growing, problems would happen from time to time, from the players and from the game itself. The players, well, some of them suck, and some of them aren’t. The game problems come from bugs and some disappointing updates. I will primarily talk about the players later. Later then, we got the good things, like buildings that got into the news, famous YouTubers, world records, or other things that I couldn’t list.

All of this made Minecraft a thing that what it is. It has a good side and also a bad side. Depending on which you looking, this is might be bad or good.

Now, let’s talk about the bad things.

The Negative Side of Minecraft

Okay, we got a rundown of this thing that we could discuss here.

First, let’s talk about YouTubers, just it’s negative side. Fine, fine, some of you think that they are the best and “you discuss it because jealously.” Some of you also tell me that it is just straight-up bad because of the content they uploaded (this is the thing that I thought when I saw Roblox YouTubers). As I said before, it’s how you see them.

Some YouTubers could make good content from Minecraft, like build time-lapses, tutorials, update discussion, etc. But the point is I want to discuss the negative one. I think they are doing lots, lots, of videos. Some of them upload daily, which produce a little “boring” and too “cinematic”. Some of it makes news, other ones make roleplays that are super cringy that is too cringey that not even Discord admins would watch it. Some YouTubers also swore on their gameplay, which, you know, kids.

Speaking of kids, let’s talk about kids. We know kids, they messed with a lot of games. Just look at it. Some of the games are “destroyed” because of the fandom. This is might be an exception for Minecraft, they have the same effect, which is the stereotype. You see, the fandom “destroys” the game by posting such weird fan art (it even could go mature), giving the game a bad reputation. Similar to Minecraft, the players, which most of them are kids, “destroy” the game by, well, their cringe actions or such. Everybody knows about this, I won’t explain much again.

The Positive Side of Minecraft

Okay, we are closing to the end. Let’s talk about this. We can see a lot of players actually do good gameplay (sometimes with cool mods or mod packs). Also, some players could build a large structure with their creativity. Another one is some YouTubers who do tutorials for buildings and redstone. You could easily find them. Who knows.

Another point that you should know is the good community, you could ask them, hang out on the servers or forums, or even play together to build something or be a famous player there. Who knows, again.

So, what’s the deal?

Basically, Minecraft is a good game. Most people doing it for good. Ironically, the negative side is the one that Minecraft is known for. It is a bad stereotype, actually. But, you know, those YouTubers who rant about Minecraft for the view count and made Minecraft even worst. Just so you know, Minecraft is a good game, but you may think it is bad because of your viewpoint.

If you are new on the Minecraft world, just enjoy your life in a single player mode first. Don’t go to the multiplayer world as fast as possible. You may not ready for it. If you are experienced in the singleplayer mode, you will surely have a good experience on the multiplayer, but, be caution, you still make sure that you prepare those players whose screaming that their opponent cheating because they lose or those players who cheat on their fighting session because they want to be famous from their streaks (I’m not talking the ones who good at PvP, but those who cheat). I am serious.

But, I’m pretty sure, those who are experienced on Minecraft should see Minecraft as a something that is useful than those guys who thinks the game is a piece of junk (because of the community).

So, that’s all for this article. This is a result of a freewriting that I do. I just express what do I like. If you want this thing to appear, make sure to let me know.

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